We all love our car, as much as possible we take care of it to the point sometimes we get over carried. During March, I had an encounter that my car was over a tree with some fragrant flowers, and was just in time when the wind was so strong it showered some cars in where I parked.

After going to my routine in the gym, I went back to my car with a welcoming fragrant smell once I opened my aircon. I even posted this photo in my stories and joked that I love my car smelling like fabric conditioner. Little did I know that this was the start of my annoying journey in my car…

A few days after, the flower petals actually dried up and became a nightmare. It was dry and unpleasant to smell similar in a flower shop with dry flowers would have smelled. I tried cleaning up my air-con vents to no success as it was needed to dismantle my dash area for the tiny flowers to be removed.

Not wanting to be bothered by such hassle, fortunately, I received some products from Auto-Gard including the Odor-Eliminator. I was desperate to try anything and mask the smell since it was really getting annoying, fortunately, this worked.

I sprayed into the aircon vents to neutralize the flower petals remaining, after two sessions of spraying I noticed that the dry flower smell was gone for good. I probably used around 100ml to fully dissipate the smell. The odor eliminator has a greeny smell at first but eventually dissipates when it dries up. Fortunately, this solves my problem until I can go to Honda for a maintenance check and finally remove those stubborn flowers.

While in the mood of taking care of our vehicles, our trustworthy AUV got some love as well it the Odor Eliminator of Auto-Gard. For a car that’s around 12 years, the upholstery was due to general cleaning and roof smell was abundant. Fortunately, it worked the trick to majority lessen the old-car smell, it might not have removed it completely but it’s nice to have it in a better condition.

While it might be a small thing for others, the annoying smell inside your car is a major no-no for a car lover. Masking the smell with car freshener just temporarily solves the problem, but it’s better to completely eliminate the odor by removing the source or using a product like the Odor Eliminator of Auto-Gard.

Just in case you’re wondering how much is it, its available for Php199 at Ace Hardware, Ace Builders, AceExpress branches, SM Supermarket, Handyman, True Value, Landers Superstore, Wilcon Depot, S&R, All Home, Gaisano Malls, Landmark, and Shopwise, and online at Lazada.com.ph and shopmnl.com.