That was hell of a season finale for Game of Thrones – Hungry Geeks

Well, how about that for a finale? Amazing right? There wasn’t a ton of battles and action scenes for this episode compared to the previous episode but it gave more of an answer to the questions that were brought to us a couple of seasons ago. And it was strong. Like wildfire.

You may have noticed, the time of traveling throughout the places are inconsistent. It took Sam the entire season to travel to Oldtown while Varys went to Meereen to Dorn and back again within the episode, but it may be that the separate scenes that we were watching weren’t really in a chronological order. Although it was really distracting, I’m not complaining.

For Winterfell, it was hard not to join the other kings in shouting “THE KING IN THE NORTH” while swearing their loyalty to Jon. That badass Lady Mormont sceen really shook the faith out of those kings that wouldn’t swear to Jon. As for Sansa and Jon, it seems that they have some awkward moment between the two. Though they reconciled with each other, it seems that Sansa is scheming on something big. After Littlefinger suggested that he wants the Iron Throne and her beside him, I think she might want to take it.

As for Bran, I’m very thankful that they went on and revealed the famous theory. And yes, Jon is half-Stark and half-Targaryen. We’re still not sure why we couldn’t fully hear what Lyanna told Jon but it was strongly indicated that Jon is really the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna and he was taken in by Ned so that Jon wouldn’t fall victim to Robert’s quest to kill all Targaryens. Maybe they’re saving the whole story so that Bran can tell Jon personally next season. But I do hope Bran will now contribute to the main story as he’s the Three-Eyed Raven now.

Still with the Starks, Walder Frey fell to the also fast traveling powers of our vengeful assassin, Arya — who now possesses the Faceless Men powers and “Frey Pie” cooking skills. I didn’t really expect that Arya will have that kind of ability after her confrontation with Jaqen. Maybe Jaqen was okay with the continuation of her killing streak and he taught Arya on how to acquire those skills. With Walder Fray gone, who’s next for Arya’s to-kill list? She allowed Jaime to live, so maybe Cersei? With Cersei now being the queen, Arya will have to polish those skills so she can find her way through the security of King’s Landing. That I would like to see.

Let’s move on to Queen Cersei — or should I say the Mad Queen? The trial scene and the wildfire explosion took up the entire half of the episode, but I’m not complaining, it was awesome. The story about Cersei and the Faith Militant wasn’t the most interesting for this season — maybe because we have no one to root for and because Cersei was the one who brought the trouble to herself in the first place. But the end result of her being queen was the best because she had no idea that Tommen would be crazy enough to jump off a window. How’s that for a twist?

The way how the trial was staged was excellent, with a different feel of cinematography while everyone is getting prepared and little by little the pieces of the puzzle was falling into place, little birds leading their targets to their death, and that sweet score playing throughout the whole scene. It’s a little disappointing how Margeary died but I can say it was okay. With Cersei now Queen, Daenerys will have a formidable foe before she can sit on the Iron Throne. She can probably hold off her Dragons. I do hope so, as I want to see an action-packed episode in King’s Landing.

There were also some notable moments that was shown for the sake of continuing the storyline for the next season. There was Sam arriving at Oldtown to be the next Maester, an angry sir Davos who wants to kill Melisandre (she got banished by Jon though), Olenna meeting the Sand Snakes at Dorne only to be greeted by Varys who already talked to them in joining Daenerys, and Jaime returning to King’s Landing only to see Cersei take up the throne. It was considerably awkward for Jaimie as he did basically nothing in Riverrun but it allowed Cersei to become the Mad Queen that she truly is and allowing Arya to kill Walder Frey on the exact location where the Red Wedding was held.

All in all, the season finale was a great episode. The storylines about the North and Meereen was taken care of last week so there was no real actions, leaving Cersei’s master plan to be kill her enemies and become queen. Also, there were big reveals and revenge killing that helped close the season and set the story of the characters for the next one.



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