The Alienware Concept UFO turns the gaming PC into a Switch | News and Reviews

Alienware has officially unveiled the Concept UFO. This device is basically a gaming PC in a Switch-like package. Running on Windows 10, the prototype is able to play modern PC games while on-the-go.

Like the Nintendo Switch, the Concept UFO comes with a main unit, which features an 8.0-inch screen with a 1900 x 1200 resolution as well as a kickstand at the back to prop-up the device.

The device comes with two detachable controllers on each side. Both controllers can be combined into a singular controller to wirelessly play with the Alienware Concept UFO. The system can also be docked via a USB Type-C cable allowing for a more traditional gaming experience.

The Alienware Concept UFO weighs under two pounds, which is significantly heavier than the Nintendo Switch. Demoed games include Rocket League, F1 2019, and Mortal Kombat 11. While not as graphically impressive compared to full-fledged gaming PCs, the games ran without a hitch on the system.

The Concept UFO is still at its infancy and there’s no assurance if the brand will release the device.

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