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Craving for a nicely packed, delicious sandwich? Well, head on to 51-D Scout Rallos in Quezon City for a quick fix of deliciously crafted sandwiches at Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop.

Mr. Graham Sandwich Shop is located just beside Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Emporium. Both restaurants are owned by a couple named Chris and Anna Graham, it’s kinda sweet and cute for a couple to start his and hers restaurants.

Feel and Ambience

It is actually my first time to visit a restaurant that serves sandwiches as their specialty. My expectations were not that high, as I only ate restaurant made sandwiches from coffee shops like Figaros and Starbucks-es. Surprisingly,

Sorry for the photo! A group just finished their meal before I took the photo.

Mr. Graham’s restaurant was designed to be a hang-out place, and was actually a pretty hip place for young hipsters. The second floor is spacious and the whole restaurant could accomodate at least 50 pax.


Their menu is short yet sweet. They have 5 kinds of sandwiches The Cebuano, Four Cheese, Bacon Please., The Club, Sloppy G, and The Submariner. We opted to order The Cebuano, and the Four Cheese, Bacon Please.

The Cebuano.

A similar sandwich patterned after the Pan Cubano sandwich. The Cebuano is Mr. Graham’s take on the popular dish this time with Lechon drizzled in its own oil.

This is there best seller and eating it was one of the best things I’ve ever did. The lechon laid on the sandwich is thinly sliced yet very flavorful, and is topped with lettuce,  ham, cheddar cheese and Mr. Graham’s signature aioli.

On the side, 2 pieces of crispy lechon skin, their Hawt Slaw (A spicy rendition of the traditonal cole slaw). They also added a generous offer of kamote chips and with ranch sauce and more lechon drippings as a dip for your sandwich. Take note that on a personal opinion and experience, this has been the best sandwich I’ve ate so far in my whole life.

Four Cheese, Bacon Please.

Everyone’s favorite cheese and bacon. You can’t go wrong ordering something with cheese, and bacon.

This sandwich is made up of 2 toasted bread, mozzarella, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, beer-n-onion-bacon jam.

The final cheese is Parmesan which is fried with the cheese on the bread. The dish is sided with home made kamote chips with the ranch sauce as well and a healthy serving of tomato soup. The thing is, this was a disappointing dish; I was hoping that the cheesiness will be paired with bacon crunchiness, but the bacon on the sandwich was nowhere to be found.

Apple Pie Soda

I’m sure you are a fan of McDonald’s Apple Pie, but have you tried Apple Pie Soda? This rare offering by Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop is a great compliment to their signature sandwiches and only costs 90Php.

You should get this as your primary beverage when visiting them for a meal.

Full Menu


Although the place is quite small, and the area where it is located is a bit crowded, Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop is a restaurant worth visiting. You may opt to go during none peak hours for a parking slot, otherwise, be prepared to find the closest parking slot available along the street.

If you are a sandwich guy, then by all means try all the offerings on their menu. The Cebuano is the best so try that out first. The lechon slices was delicious and the drippings made it even tastier. This is far the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted. Do also go here for a glassful of Apple Pie soda.

Mr. Graham Shop is open from 12:00nn to 12:00mn. You could check out their facebook page here for more information.



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