The Best Operating Systems for Online Casinos

    People have been gambling for a long time, and during those days, people had to visit gambling establishments to wager on their favourite games. Although brick-and-mortar casinos still get a lot of customers today and many people prefer them, a large percentage of the market share is now being controlled by mobile casinos. This is because they provide a convenient way of playing casino games.

    The introduction of mobile casinos has really changed the gambling landscape. Today, you don’t have to visit a casino to play games you love. You can easily play on your phone or PC from the comfort of your home.

    When online casinos were being introduced, players had to download software to their computer to play the games. The software was coded for a specific operating system. This meant if you were using a different operating system, you would not be able to download the software.

    With advancements in technology, it is now possible to access almost any online casino from any device, whether it runs on Windows, Mac, Android or Apple.

    One thing you must know about the online gambling industry is that it is very competitive. This has inspired many online casinos to introduce cross-platform capabilities to stay relevant. However, others have single-platform capability, which also has its advantages. Android casino games, for examples, are more accessible, whereas Mac casinos offer more stability.

    There are six operating systems that are widely used in the online gambling industry. Most online casinos are built to work with them.


    Most online casinos that run on Windows use PlayTech software. This gives players access to a wide range of games and cutting-edge features like audio, gameplay, and graphics. In addition, players are guaranteed security for financial transactions and personal details when accessing these casinos.


    Mac computers are known for their beautifully designed software, and although they usually cost more than Windows computers, a lot of people think it is worth the investment. Today, it is possible to play nearly all online casino games on a Mac OS. Actually, you will realize that every downloadable casino software has a Mac version.

    A majority of Mac users are ardent lovers of all Apple software programs and are convinced it is the best operating systems for them. Fortunately, software developers have been kind enough to create high quality software designed to allow players to play online casino games from their Mac PCs. This way, they are able to take advantage of every single opportunity the best online casino has to offer.

    Linux and Ubuntu

    Linux has been used since 1991 and although it might not be as popular as Windows and Mac, the developer has taken certain initiatives to accommodate gamblers who want to play casino games on their Linux computers. The main advantage of Linux is that it is more user-friendly when compared to Windows. In addition, it is more secure.

    Ubuntu is an open-source Operating System, and is more secure than nearly all commercial operating systems. Since Ubuntu is maintained by users, you should expect a more user-friendly operating system than Linux. This is particularly important when you are looking to play your casino games smoothly.


    Android, is without a doubt, the most widely used operating system in the mobile gambling market. This platform commands about 85% of the smartphone market share. As a matter of fact, most smartphone manufacturers use Android despite the presence of other popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Blackberry.

    Because Android is used by many people, and even gambling enthusiasts, you can expect to find a wide range of casino apps. One thing about Android apps is that they have a range of interesting features; therefore, you can expect immersive gameplay and beautiful graphics.


    Although Android is the most popular platform in the online gambling industry, there are as many iOS users as Android users. In fact, most online casinos allow mobile access through their Android and iOS apps and mobile-friendly website. iOS devices are generally more responsive and stable than their Android counterparts. And although you may not notice, sometimes you may experience glitches, lag, and even time outs on your Android device that you would not experience on your iOS device.


    Blackberry controls only 1% of the smartphone market share as it has been overshadowed by the two mobile platforms above. However, Blackberry has remained the preferred choice among business owners specifically because of its secure email. You can play casino games on your Blackberry phone by either downloading the casino’s app or playing the games from your mobile web browser.


    Every online casino software has been customized to work with leading operating systems. However, make sure you check that your preferred gambling site has the right software that suits your preferred operating system to maximize your gambling experience.

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