The Chosen One is Set to Return. Kung Pow 2. – Hungry Geeks

Kung Pow : Enter the Fist is one of the most hilarious film made in the entire history. It is almost a parody, yet it is not. It is almost an action comedy film, but it is not. It’s genre is in between most films nowadays that it is hard to know what really is up with this film. It’s cringe-worthy, and smiles and laughs will not be wasted for decades. I proudly would say that it deserves a lot of film critic awards as the comedy would last generations.

Steve Oedekerk, the writer, director and protagonist of the original film has made an announcement that he was finally moving forward for a development of a Kung Pow sequel. And to that we raise our glasses to Steve.

To those who are after quality and accuracy. Fuck off! The next Kung Pow is rumored to have a subtitle “Tongue of Fury”. It should look like the first movie, maybe new clips from a more modern Chinese film as the first film was took from Tiger and Crange Fist clips with poorly dubbed audio.

You may check out this poorly copied youtube video for the full film of the first film.



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