The Division Rolls Out New Conflict Update – Hungry Geeks

I’ve been playing a good deal of Tom Clancy’s The Division in the last few days. Reaching the end-game made us wonder one thing: “are we but cows continuously eating grass?” Nothing significant was there for the last parts of eternity in Ubisoft’s online shooter. But I guess being online has its perks. Ubisoft has released an update for the game with the sole aim of lengthening end-game content. Conflict features a new incursion, High Value Targets, and more challenges for players. View the video set below:




As one of the industry’s best-selling new game franchise to date with a current total of 9.5 million registered users, Tom Clancy’s The Division takes place weeks after a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City on Black Friday. One by one, basic services fail and in only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, is activated to save society. Team up with other players to investigate the source of the virus, protect civilians from dangerous factions, and reclaim the city from the overwhelming turmoil.



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