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The story takes place three years after Mike (Tatum) removed himself from the life of being a male stripper… male entertainer. But after receiving a call from one of his colleague in the industry, Mike is back for a final show.

Movie Review

What could I say…  The movie does not even make sense. Yes there is a story, yes there is a plot, a twist and everything a movie should have; but it just does not make sense to have a stripping industry and to make it in that context, I could probably throw it as a more serious Zoolander movie, and Zoolander made more sense to me!

For the sake of having a review, the movie was very entertaining, it kept me watching until the credit scene. Though, it was very painful to see too many dangling male parts from the stars of the movie, it was nonetheless one of the best Tatum movie produced so far; it ranks second from 21 Jump Street. Script was well written, and the comedy antics was well executed; although it wouldn’t hurt to add more Amber Heard Depp screentime for the male specie watching this movie.

The plot is pretty much straight forward; after all, this is a movie with a sole purpose of entertaining the female and effeminate crowd. Matthew MacConaughey and Alex Pettyfer will not be returning as Dallas and Adam on this sequel. Although, stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias, Donald Grover of Community fame and Jada Pinkett Smith will join the cast and has great supporting character roles. *Do watch out for Mrs. Smith as she does the introduction for the Channing’s crew at the later part of the movie – she resembles a woman pastor introducing male strippers to hundreds of women.

Since the review is pretty much brief and straight forward, will go over the main male stripper crew.

The Boys

You will find girls, and of course gays squealing throughout the show of abs, and thongs. The men in the movie has oiled bodies and sculptured bodies that made this movie a comedic and girl version of the 300 with Gerald Butler.

Here are a few notes on the boys:

1. Kevin Nash (Tarzan) – One of the most decorated professional wrestler, Kevin Nash, or Big Daddy Diesel is known to be Tarzan. A totally unknown actor for the girls, Kevin Nash is an institution for most boys being part of the NWO Wolf Pack in WCW. He since been in some movies, but being Tarzan on two movies with Channing Tatum made him a legit actor.

2. Adam Rodriguez (Tito) – This guys seems familiar? Yes you guessed it! Adam Rodriquez plays Detective Eric Delco along side David Caruso’s Horatio Caine. Tito is the wild, dumb-like stripper who has a talent and passion for frozen yogurt on Magic Mike, a universe of difference from his serious role on CSI: Miami.

3. Matt Bomer (Ken) – This pretty boy seems to get all the breaks. During his young career, I’ve took notes that he has appeared in various TV series and movies. Some of his iconic roles are Bryce Larkin, in Chuck; In Time as Henry Hamilton alongside Justin Timberlake; and a starring role for White Collar as Neal Caffrey. Matt has also landed a role as Andy on American Horror Story: Freak Show. He plays the pretty boy stripper, waiting for his break to be a big time actor/model.

4. Joe Manganiello (Big Dick Richie) – This guy has been around for years and have been around the TV series scene. Joe Manganiello is widely known to be the hunky werewolf in True Blood. But he also has a minor role in 2002 and 2003’s Spiderman as Flash Thomson (High School Bully to Peter Parker); appeared as Owen Morello on One Tree Hill; he is also known as Brad Morris on How I Met Your Mother; and finally Richie on Magic Mike. Oh he’s with Sofia Vergara.

5. Channing Tatum (Mike) – Channing is a Kung Fu master, a football player, a construction worker, a mortgage broker a salesman and a former professional stripper! He started out as an extra in War of the Worlds, a basketball player in Coach Carter, he played his (sort of) star role in She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes; played his first starring role as Tyler Gage on Step Up, and Step Up 2; went to be an underground fighter in Fighting; got a role with Johnny Depp on Public Enemies; got another starring role for the movie adaptation of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra; got his romantic role as John Tyree on Dear John; went to be a Roman Commander on The Eagle; got another romantic role on The Vow; played Jenko on 21 and 22 Jump Street; played an action role in White House Down alongside President Jamie Foxx; he voiced Superman on the Lego Movie; played an aspiring wrestler on the Foxcatcher with a serious Steve Carell and a non-hulk Mark Ruffalo; played as Caine Wise on Jupiter Ascending and will play the role of Remy LeBeau / Gambit. Technically he has a very varied and successful role in acting! Plus he is Magic Mike.

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