The reason behind the doomed Galaxy Note 7 – Hungry Geeks

After months of investigation, Samsung has finally released the results on what really happened with the Galaxy Note 7, a popular smartphone that had to be pulled from the market because of multiple instances that it caught fire and exploded.

The company stated that there were two major flaws with the Galaxy Note 7’s batteries. The first was the battery had a design flaw in the upper right corner that causes short circuit and the second — the replacement units — had a manufacturing issue that could lead to fires because of a welding defect. Also, some units of the replacement units were also missing insulation tapes in their batteries.

Previously, The Wall Street Journal reported that the initial batch of units was caused by an irregularly sized battery from Samsung’s own battery manufacturers, the Samsung SDI. Samsung also stated: “We believe if not for the manufacturing issue on the ram (of Battery B), the Note 7 would still be in the market.”

If you want more information, check out the infographic below. Provided by the company itself.



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