The Vivo APEX 2019 shows us the future of smartphones

    Vivo has always been at the forefront of smartphone technology when it comes with their APEX series of concept smartphones as seen last year with the Vivo APEX FullView. This year, the Vivo APEX 2019 might just show us what future smartphones may look like.

    This year’s latest entry to the APEX lineup is the unimaginatively dubbed the Vivo APEX 2019. Despite the rather drab name, the APEX 2019 is the first smartphone from Vivo to be 5G-capable.

    A better screen design

    The smartphone introduces a sleek FullView screen design that improves over the previous APEX FullView. Vivo has thankfully removed the notch on the display, which means that the entire front of the smartphone is fully covered by the screen.

    Since the entire screen encompasses the whole front side of the device, physical buttons have been removed and in their place is Vivo’s Touch Sense technology.  This brings together both capacitive touch and pressure-sensing.

    With programming, the Touch Sense technology can tell if a user is pressing the frame and the capacitive touch can determine its position. This also allows controls to be more accurate than traditional control means.

    Vivo has also removed the speaker grill. Audio will now come with what Vivo has dubbed the Body SoundCasting technology. This turns the screen into a speaker via the screen vibration function.

    Improved under-the-display fingerprint scanning

    The Vivo APEX 2019 also improves on previous iterations on the under-the-display fingerprint scanner like ones found on the Vivo X21. Instead of only working in a set area, the fingerprint scanner will now work on the whole display.

    Vivo’s Fingerprint Light function detects if the user’s finger is close to the display. The pixels around the detected finger will light up to act as an additional light source to obtain a clear fingerprint image.

    Magnetic connectors

    Another redesign of the Vivo APEX 2019 over traditional designs is its magnetic power connector. Replacing the USB connection, this new connector enables both charging and data transfer, and makes the body even more compact.

    Superior hardware

    Vivo hasn’t unveiled any specific information about the APEX 2019’s cameras.

    Of course, the Vivo APEX 2019 comes with flagship internals such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, a massive pool of 12GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage.

    The board inside the smartphone been minimized to increase the available space by 20%. This Duplex PCB design frees up space inside for the 5G modules and makes the device a unibody smartphone.

    The Vivo APEX 2019 will come at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona at the end of February. Hopefully, we’ll know more about Vivo’s vision of the future smartphone.

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