Top 10 Female Characters in PC Games

    All people are different, and while someone chooses games only with male characters, another one goes mad with female ones. The same happens offline: while some men are looking for women for marriage, some other ones are interested only in one-night stands. Anyway, all the loves of female characters are lucky today since this article is devoted exactly to your passion.

    1. Fury – DARKSIDERS III

    Credits to Gunfire Games.

    Fury is another Horseman of the Apocalypse, a girl with fiery red hair and a whip, with which she confidently deals with her enemies. The character is to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins and help her brothers, War and Death, understand the intricacies of intrigues between angels and demons, which led to the end of the world.

    1. Ayumi – Blades of Time

    Credits to AginoEvolutionHD.

    The main character is a brave adventurer Ayumi who has gone to an ancient mysterious island in the hope of finding treasures or getting a couple of valuable artifacts. Upon arrival, the hero learns about the war between the forces of Chaos and the Heavenly Guardians who have chosen the island as a battlefield. She joins the battle with enthusiasm. Ayumi practices magic and can turn back time.

    1. Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge

    Credits to Creative Uncut.

    Adventure game with a female character named Faith, working as an illegal courier in the dystopian future. All channels of communication here are controlled by a police state, and the only alternative is the so-called “runners,” who transmit information on the roofs of skyscrapers. Faith is one of them.

    1. Jade – Beyond Good & Evil

    Credits to Games Radar.

    The main character is a photojournalist Jade who has joined the Resistance and begun her own investigation. Her goal is to get to the bottom of the truth and to take as many photos as possible, proving that the Alpha Corps, created to protect the population, actually cooperates with the aliens.

    1. Victoria – Still Life Series

    Credits to Wikia.

    A series of detective quests where players in the role of FBI agent Victoria McPherson will be able to investigate the most convoluted and cruel murders. In the game, there are chilling crime scenes, but the strongest side of the whole series is a tangled plot with a memorable main character.

    1. Alice – Alice: Madness Returns

    Credits to Electronic Arts.

    It’s a dark and cruel variation of the world-famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll where the main character is Alice Liddell, who suffers from serious emotional trauma. As a result, she regularly plunges into the world of dreams and fantasies, in which she fights with local evil forces who want to destroy Wonderland.

    1. Maxine – Life Is Strange

    Credits to Square Enix.

    In fact, Life is Strange is an interactive movie, divided into separate episodes, and telling the story of the life of modern teenagers with a mystical detective story. The game provides an opportunity to choose the direction of the plot as well as the ability of Maxine to rewind time to correct the adverse course of events.

    1. Zoe – Dreamfall Chapters

    Credits to Fandom.

    Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic quest that continues the story of the adventure game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. One of the two main characters is Zoe Castillo, who combats the treacherous corporation WatiCorp which steals the dreams of the inhabitants of two worlds to gain power over them.

    1. Bayonetta – Bayonetta

    Credits to Platinum Games.

    The main character is the witch Bayonetta, combatting cunning angels with the help of countless attacks and combinations of long-range and short-range actions. Bayonetta is one of the most stylish and dangerous characters.

    1. Nilin – Remember Me

    Credits to Wikia.

    This is a game about the future, in which the memories have become the subject of buying and selling. Nilin is an experienced and well-trained memory hunter. But one day she turns from a hunter into a victim, loses her memory, and goes to prison.

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