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TV series-es are best to kill time and with holy week running closely; we believe that we have enough down time to catch up with most entertaining TV series. To add to the bonus, this list consists of the best series for the male species. Although some might also be entertaining and fascinating with the females; this list sports and are equipped for the lone wolf sitting on the couch of his private den. The list will also increase testosterone level with some entries exudes blood, violence, and boobs.

Here are the Top-10 TV series for the Holy Week and the Man!

1. Game of Thrones

Season: 4

Our top pick goes to Game of Thrones. This book to TV adaptation from HBO is coming up with it’s fifth season on April 12; and boy are we are excited for it! Based on George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, Game of Thrones is your medieval-fantasy take on politics, war and notably boobs. Already a recipient of numerous awards, this highly budgeted TV series will give you unlimited entertainment of twists and turns; blood; sex; and violence; and did I say boobs?

2. Suits

Season: 4

A TV series that revolves around two dashing lawyers does not mean that this program is centered for chicks. Also, going in for their fifth season, Harvey Reginald Specter and Michael James Ross will be entertaining you with witty sarcasm; at the same time schooling you on how to get by corporate crimes. These legal drama; will inspire you and hopefully if you are in your most depressing state; will lift you up to be the best person you could be. Other than that; you might be inspired to be a lawyers as most beautiful ladies turns out to be law firm secretaries, paralegals and even lawyers. Suit is bound to return on the second half of this year.

3. Empire

Season: 1

If you are a fan of Jay-Z, P.Diddy, or Dr.Dre (hip-hop culture in general) then you would be a fan of Lucious Lyons. This music-centric TV series will get you hooked as it tells you a story of a music empire built from ground up. The normal ghetto hood story of drug dealing to prison to grinding to family feuds to success will be leaving you inspired every episode. The program is on its first season but we think that this will be another multi-seasoned, award winning TV series. The music and songs played on this program are also downloadable in iTunes.

4. Kingdom

Season: 1

It was about time that a mixed-martial arts TV Series was created; and Kingdom was all it took. Starring Nick Jonas (yes! one-third of the Jonas Brothers), Kingdom circulates with a MMA family that struggles keeping their relationship intact; bringing emotions inside the cage hoping to be successful. If you are a fan of MMA this would be the series for you; if you just want to see Nick Jonas acting **Spoiler Alert** and being gay; this might also be the TV series for you. Only in its first season, you could immediately catch up with just a day or two. **By far, this is my personal favorite series on the list; as it exudes real life problem; and the struggle of the characters to try and stay positive with the use of drugs, sex and fighting inside the cage.

5. House of Cards

Season: 3

Another book to TV adaptation; everyone would vote for Kevin Spacey if he runs for President of any country. Already on its third season, this political-centric program will have you glued in your screens as Kevin Spacey’s character breaks the fourth wall and talks to you directly; addressing you with ideas and thoughts he has on his mind. A multi-awarded series; House of Cards is your best bet for a long manly night hours without your girl asking questions about what you are watching.

6. Better Call Saul

Season: 1

A spin-off from Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul will revolve around Saul Goodman or his name Jimmy McGill; Walter White’s shady lawyer/fixer. Running its first season already; we are hoping that this spin-off will not go far from how Breaking Bad was a huge success as it comes with the same taste, humor and drama of what we had with the original Breaking Bad series.  . We are waiting for, at least, a short appearance by either Walter White or Jessie Pinkman.

7. Scandal

Season: 4

Another political-centric TV series that might leave your mind blown! Created by Shonda Rhimes (Gray’s Anatomy, Private Practice, How to Get Away with Murder); this program revolves around Olivia Pope (our only female lead protaganist on this list) and his lover, the US President as they battle terrorism, real people issues like love, family and crazy people who are irritating and kills people for the benefit of the United States of America.

8. Arrow/ Flash/ Gotham

Season: 3 / 1 / 1

Who does not love super heroes TV series-es? This trio of DC-inspired TV adaptation starting with Arrow which is already running its 3rd season as we speak; the story revolves around Oliver Queen; a billionaire vigilante who wears a robin hood costume to fight of crime in his city of Starling. Flash, on the other hand, is capping of its first season with Barry Allen as the Flash. Another DC super hero; the flash is another vigilante trying to protect his home city, Central City. Lastly, Gotham; if you are not familiar with this series, this would not focus on the legendary dark knight, Batman. Instead; Gotham will be focusing on the young career of a budding James Gordon, who will later be the iconic police commissioner of Gotham.

9. The Walking Dead

Season: 5

Looking to have more seasons in the future; this comic to TV series adaptation have been a popular staple for zombie warfare fans. Fans of the original comics were disappointed with how they turned the TV series far from the original story. Nevertheless; the series is very successful and has recently ended its fifth season. If you are a fan of Zombie movies and would not mind the gory killing of such; then go ahead and look into The Walking Dead.

10. Archer

Season: 6

The only animated TV series on the list; this is not your ordinary cartoon. Built, drawn under a TV-MA rating; or only can viewed by adults. It follows Sterling Malory Archer; the protagonist and special spy who is working for the Interational Secret Intelligence Service, ironically the long form of “I.S.I.S.” and also he has his mother as his boss and dimwitted friends along with him to save the world from the evil doers. Critics have compared the tone of this animated series to the likes of Mad Men, and a similar artwork to Jonny Quest. Oh wait, before your misleaded, Archer is mature-comedic animated series; again, it is for adults and not kids.



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