Top 5 Horror Movies to watch in HOOQ

    Happy Halloween! In the spirit of scaring everybody, we love to watch scary movies. Here are some tittles that are definitely hair raising and shocking to watch in HOOQ!. Of course since HOOQ has international and local tittles, we will give 5 movies for both. Let’s start of with local movies.


    5.Tiyanak – It might be old but Tiyanak is one of the scariest movies of its time. Delivering the Filipino stories of infants being possessed by demons. Tiyanak


    4. Impaktita – The typical aswang story just got serious in Impaktita, being a scary creature at night to kill preys.


    3. Pa-Siyam – We all have family traditions, but when one tradition goes wrong…everything follows as curse.

    Pa Siyam

    2.Sukob – They say it bad for two sisters to get married on the same year…


    1.Feng Shui – Bagwa are supposed to bring in luck for the home….well they thought so…

    Feng Shui


    5. A Nightmare On Elm Street (5 movies) – Our childhood scary movie won’t go old for us, Freddy Krueger will definitely haunt you and let you remember why he’s memorable.

    A nightmare on elm street

    4. Rosemary’s Baby (TV Series)

    Rosemary's Baby

    3.Scream (3 movies) – You must definitely watch this with your barkada


    2. Poltergeist – What’s behind the TV? It’s for you to find out…


    1. The Shining – No special encantations here, the movie is just plain scary…*hides under the bed sheet*

    The Shining

    So that’s it, those are our Top 5 scary movies in HOOQ both local and international. Happy watching!


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