Who are the top selling gaming monitor brands this 2016?

We always see smartphones and laptops battle out for the No.1 to No.5 rank, but we rarely see any ranking for monitors. Now this is a good insight for PC enthusiasts out there, currently it’s expected the LCD panels will remain to grow but one category is growing among others, which is the gaming division.


Do you know that there are only 1%-3% gaming monitors for the total number of monitors produced per year? That’s only 2.5M – 3.5M for every 120M. From 550,000 units last 2015 it grew into 1.3M units as of 2016 and will continue to grow in the incoming years.

According to Digitimes, Gaming monitors will be the next arena for monitor manufacturers as the demand for the category is rapidly growing. The growing community and needs for e-sports equipment challenges monitor brands to produce gamer friendly weapons.

Right now the top gaming monitor brands are held by ASUS ROG with 35% market share, BenQ with 22-24% and Acer with 17-19%. This means that other brands like Dell, LG, Samsung, AOC and even HP fights over the remaining 20%.

But why Gaming monitors are growing rapidly? This is because it creates a ripple effect into the PC industry, similar to laptop brands with gaming lineup their branding also rise up along with it. Aside from that, the gaming monitor category is the most flexible product that can be added with both hardware (Up to 144mhz refresh rate) and software features (G-sync) that are achievable through pairing with powerful PC systems of gamers. This eventually leads to smoother graphics, better detail, and gameplay for enthusiast gamers.

For us, the gaming monitor is still a nitch market in the Philippines with the most affordable ones still costing more than Php20,000 pesos. We welcome this trend for cheaper technology in the long run and brands like ASUS, BenQ and Acer shouldn’t be too confident as it could be anybody’s game next year.

Source : Digitimes