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Not again, Creative Assembly. Four days ago, Creative Assembly, developers of the Total War series of strategy games, announced the release date of the their upcoming Warhammer-themed game, Total War: Warhammer. It is set to be released in the 28th of April 2016 and will have a bonus DLC for those who’ll pitch in for a pre-order.

Sounds usual? It is. But fans of and would-be buyers of the game voiced their disdain due to the marketed day-one DLC. Deemed as an integral pillar in Warhammer games, the forces of Chaos will not be included in the game unless you pre-order or buy it for another $10 if you’re not able. Cheesy move, given that Creative Assembly’s and Sega’s dismal previous title, Rome 2, they could’ve at least designed the release to woo fans that they lost.

by me1andme2 of R/TotalWar

The announcement enticed angry mobs of netizens to get their pitchforks and polearms, condemning the act. Youtube videos, news sites, Facebook, and Reddit, are currently catering to a large number of individuals that are very vocal against the practice.

Personally, this is a very ridiculous move from both CA and Sega. I’ve always been a fan of the series but they hit a snag in Rome 2. I bought it on day one and have been able to endure playing it even with the bugs and the stupid AI. They also employed a similar offer during that time, locking out the Greek factions unless you pre-order. Why did I pre-order? Well, prior to that time, they were well-respected developers due the success of Shogun 2 and its expansion pack, Fall of the Samurai. So there was little backlash to what they did. But come the main game and the crap all went to the fan. Rome 2 was a broken mess and handled poorly even in high-end systems. They did make amends with their mistakes by constantly updating the game and selling it at abysmal prices. Currently, it is now playable but I am still encountering problems with the AI.

“Well, just don’t buy it?” Yeah, and support his kind of business where-in they could’ve just slapped it inside the game instead of selling it to other people, piecemeal? CDProjekt showed us that it could be done with Witcher 3 and they did so without maligning the fans. It worked splendidly for them. We got a great game. They get their money. Everybody’s happy.

For like-minded fans of the series, I recommend that we band ourselves together as a cohort, admonishing this act by voting with our wallets and voicing our disdain. It worked with Arkham Knight and Deus Ex, it will too with this one. This day-one DLC fiasco is certainly going out of hand.

I might pass up on this Total War: Warhammer game or just buy it when it’s on sale if things don’t change. Rome 2 became cheaper than its DLCs due to the negative feedback and it might happen with this one.

So, do you agree with this or will you still pre-order the game? Every opinion is welcome. Do let us know by writing it in the comments’ section below.



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