Transcend outs high-speed 500S and 300S SD and microSD cards

    Transcend has just announced that they have officially released the 500S and 300S series of SD and microSD cards. With capacities of up to 512GB, these mobile storage options can reach transfer speeds of up to 95MB/s.

    With storage capacities of up to 128GB, the Transcend 300S 128GB cards can reach 1,500 IOPS on random read operations while it can achieve speeds of up to 500 IOPS on random writes. Sequential read and writes, on the other hand, can get up to 95MB/s and 45MB/s, respectively. A perfect companion if you want to expand your smartphones storage without any performance penalties.

    Want to up your video quality with 4K shots? You’ll need a fast and large card to store all that data. Luckily, the 500S cards are UHS V30 compliant making them ideal for capturing 4K videos and playback with up to 95MB/s sequential reads and 65MB/s sequential writes.

    Backup and recovery are made easier with Transcend’s RecoveRx that allows its users to search for deleted files within a storage device to recover traces of a lost photo, document, music, or videos. You can also recover accidentally deleted files and format and write-protect flash memory cards.

    The Transcend 300S microSD cards are offered from 16GB up to 128GB capacities while its microSD cards variants can reach up to 512GB. The 500S microSD cards are available in 8GB up to 128GB configurations while its SD card version can reach up to 256GB. All SD and microSD cards are covered by Transcend’s five year warranty.

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