Transfer money to any bank with GCash Anytime – Here’s how

    With technology today leaning for customer conveniences such as transportation hailing, food delivery, bills payments, and even mobile payments. But one aspect hinders progress in our opinion is the chore of depositing from one bank to another, spending the time to withdraw and transfer is such a hassle making it very unproductive of your precious time.

    Fortunately, GCash with Instapay introduces their GCash Fund Transfer service to ANY BANK, yes they have more than 30 bank partners in the list that covers most major banks in the country.

    Here’s how to use GCash Fund Transfer

    Make sure to have a GCash account and already have a balance available. 

    You can load-in over the counter like 7-Eleven, Touchpay kiosks, Department Stores, Pawnshops and even online through BPI, Master or Visa Debit Card and even remittances from Western Union or Paypal.

    Once successfully loading-in, select Send Money or Bank Transfer

    Select partner bank destination

    Select the bank you wish to make a transfer to

    Insert bank recipient details

    Insert the amount, account name, account number and even optionally the email of the recipient to make sure they have an e-trail of the deposit.

    After this step, there will be a confirmation page to make sure you are sending the correct account number and amount. If confirmed, just select confirm.

    Confirmation Ticket

    Once confirmed, you will proceed to the confirmation page where all information needed including the ticket number will be provided. For me, it’s a great practice to take a screenshot of this as proof to the recipient and you will also get a 2882 GCash notification SMS about this transaction.


    In my case, I was able to transfer Php25,000 from my BPI using the GCash cash-in and transfer immediately to the BDO of my friend on a Saturday afternoon. All in less than 3 minutes and even never standing up, that’s how fast is it now to transfer funds to another bank with GCash.

    In my case, I’ve been a GCash user since 2015 and I’ve witnessed how GCash became from a simple wallet service to now a full-blown financing company from a wallet, payments, investments and even booking tickets. It’s amazing that how GCash and Instapay have disrupted the landscape of banking by letting you do everything online especially the simple task of depositing.

    So I suggest you open your own GCash now by downloading the app and register. Try out GCash Fund Transfer yourself and you’ll be glad of the amazing offers and perks GCash includes by using their service. Since October 2018, we’ve been using GCash Fund Transfer and its been saving our time a lot since then. To know more why you should go cashless, check this out. 







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