This morning of  January 27, 2017, the Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has ordered Transportation Network Companies (TNC) Angkas and Wunder to cease operations.

Over a series of tweet announcement, the LTFRB indicates that both apps have not coordinated with the government body to operate. The two apps have been gaining traction over the holiday’s worsening traffic especially for Motorcycle ride app Angkas which are members / group of motorcycle riders from the previous app Grab Bike.


Wunder app also recently is heavy on digital marketing promoting their ride sharing app, with even billboards seen on EDSA that promotes to save Php4,000 pesos a month in gas.

As of now, checking both app Facebook pages indicates of no formal statement regarding the issue. If the LTFRB is serious about regulating TNC operators, hopefully they are also serious about taxi operators with bad vehicle condition.