Transportify a SME Logistics Solution – Hungry Geeks

Formerly known as Deliveree, Transportify is currently ramping up their service; Philippines is the third Southeast Asian Country in less than two years. The Transportify team has already established their service in Thailand and Indonesia with a total of 100,000 business customers, 9,000 drivers, and seven different vehicle classes across Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila.

Business and consumers can finally take advantage of affordable same-day pickup and delivery throughout Metro Manila.  As of right now, their Motorcycle and closed van is not yet available in Manila, but a hatchback, sedan, SUV/MPV, L300 /Van are all available for pick ups and delivery. Apart from the delivery service, Transportify has extended services, such as getting extra help from the driver, extra helper or you may have yourself or an extra helper to ride with the drive.

Transportify should be a very convenient service to look into, especially of you have a retail business, or if you have a newly opened business and lacks the infrastructure to do medium scale delivery services to your clients. Transportify mobile app is available through the app store and on GooglePlay. If you are more of a desktop user, then their Web App is also a choice.

Prices starts at 250Php for their economy scale vehicles, and 600Php for the L300s and vans.



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