Turn Back Time: Reminisque Bistro

    Oldies but goodies, this new bistro up in Tomas Morato should be the place to be for 70’s and 80’s kids. Reminisque Bistro opened its doors last July 30 along Sct. Lozano cor. Tomas Morato. They are open from 11:00am until 2:00am in the morning.

    Feel and Ambience


    To start with, Reminsque Bistro boasts of a vintage feel, more of a family-oriented feel. Unlike other bistro, it is very spacious which makes drinking and dining comfortable.


    A huge bar welcomes you through the doors, while a huge space for dining is located around the bar. A nostalgic DJ booth is located on the left side of the restaurant and a closed section for reservation just beside it. Your mom or dad might feel nostalgic on how the place was designed so watch out for long stories about their youth, when bands back then plays “great” music compared to what we are hearing today.


    If you love Filipino food, then you will love their take on their’s. It melds traditional Filipino cuisine with new ideas to give it diners a unique gastronomical experience. Their special dishes were served which includes Ilonggo kansi, that is a fusion between bulalo and sinigang, kare-kare which brings you back home, the beer chow classic sisig but paired with fresh pita. And their famous Reminisque chicken; which is their take on a Filipino favorite fried chicken.


    The kansi, is pretty much what it is. A sour soup paired with beef and bulalo. The sour, clear soup is what you have to start with as it keeps your appetite going without the feeling of being full.


    The sisig with pita, on the other hand, gives the famous pulutan a twist. Surprisingly, the texture of the pita, and the saltiness, and crunchiness of the sisig is a great combo. We would love to comeback for more of this.

    Reminisque Chicken Leg, Kare-kare, Fish fillet, and Tinapa Pasta

    Finally the Reminisque chicken, I know you’d love this dish, but I felt that it tastes very similar to our beloved Savory Fried Chicken.

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    Some Nights

    The bar and bistro holds themed nights for people who are looking for a nostalgic evening with good ol’ music. They have a pool of expert DJs that plays the favorite songs of 4 eras which includes the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the 2000s until present songs. Acoustic artists also graces the restaurant with performance to relax eating and drinking customers. They even have happy hour from 4:30 to 8:30PM where you could drink 75Php cocktails, and 30Php local beers.



    The place is spacious and cozy. As a young, semi-hipster professional; I did not appreciate the place. It is not a place for enigmatic youngster who listens to “noise” as one of the owners describes the music now a days. I was just not their target market to start with.

    But, there is always that other side of the coin… the parents. If you are around my age, mid or late 20’s, your parents would love this place. They have a wide array of alcoholic beverages that your parents will drink ’til they drop, and a long selection of music that they will sing along with when they are unable to drive home and you have to do it for them. The point of this, your parents does party… but they don’t party like how we party!

    Again, this bar and bistro is not for the youngsters. IT”S FOR YOUR PARENTS!

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