TV5 and Mineski-Dota Solidifies Partnership – Hungry Geeks

TV 5 announces their partnership with eSports community specifically with Mineski-Dota. Along with the this, Mineski-Dota also announced their partnership with shoe and sportwear manufacturer World Balance. Chot Reyes, TV5 sports division head was present during the press conference along with Mineski Management Benson Te, Philippine eSports Association Chairperson Joebert Yu, Mineski CEO and founder Ronald Robins and World Balance marketing manager Carlo Castronuevo.

Chot Reyes suggested that eventually, Mineski’s professional gaming league (MPGL) will be covered by the TV network. While that is in the works, TV5’s gaming focused media platform Good Game Network will be the primary online medium for eSports related material.

Just last month, TV5 gave a televised broadcast of the League of Legends Season 5 World Finals. This was the first time a major television network broadcasted an eSports event.

This announcement made it very clear that TV 5 is seriously considering tackling Philippine eSports as a major long term investment program. It might not be far off when Filipinos could watch any form of eSports online and offline.



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