Twitter Now Lets You Upload Slo-Mo Videos – Hungry Geeks

Finally, Twitter is now letting you upload those slow-mo videos from your iPhone.

Announced in a tweet, Twitter confirmed that you can now upload your 60fps and 120fps videos just like normal uploads, and they will play back in the right speed.

New! iPhone users can now upload and share slow-motion videos. Enjoy your favorite moments just a liiiittle longer…

— Twitter (@twitter) April 8, 2015

120 fps slow-motion video recording was an awesome feature when the iPhone 5s came out, but sharing these videos can be tricky and complicated. A number of apps and online services cannot recognize slow motion speed and instead plays them at normal rate.

There’s no need to change any settings in Twitter, just upload your videos as you normally do and Twitter will automatically recognize if your video is in slow-mo.

Check out Twitter’s official tweet.



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