Twitter’s official WordPress plugin is here

    Today, Twitter announced that they are releasing their first official Twitter plugin for WordPress that brings a number of Twitter features to your site with ease.

    The new plugin brings various features; it automatically generates Twitter Cards for your pages, enables Twitter Analytics, embeds video and adds a tweet button to posts in the administrator page.

    Twitter Cards

    Twitter Cards help your content stand out on Twitter by providing additional rich context before your users hit that link. The plugin automatically generates Twitter Cards for your blog to highlight your content shared on Twitter.

    Twitter Analytics

    You can associate your site and connect your authors with their Twitter accounts to track your content’s popularity on Twitter and grow your audience with the use of Twitter Analytics.

    Embedded Tweets and video

    With the growing number of unique contents on Twitter every day, the new plugin for WordPress will easily let you include an embedded Tweet on your blog that can match your site’s theme and design. You can choose a widget theme, link color, and border color located in your WordPress administrator dashboard to visually integrate Tweets into your webpages and blog posts. They also included support for video embeds to highlight Twitter video content.

    Tweet Button

    You can now add a Tweet button to your blog posts which makes it easy for Twitter users to share your content with their own followers. The plugin automatically sets your Tweet button to include the URL of the post, site and author Twitter accounts.

    Twitter Advertising

    Good news for Twitter advertisers, you can now focus on campaigns and conversions without worrying about markup and browser optimizations. You can measure your ROI by tracking actions your specific audiences take after viewing or engaging with your advertisements.  The plugin simplifies conversion tracking and creating tailored audience with a macro in WordPress.

    You can download the plugin here and check out their official blog post here.

    So what do you think about Twitter’s official WordPress plugin? Will you implement it on your blog? Let us know in the comments section!

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