Uber is back! – Files motion of reconsideration against One (1) month suspension

    Uber just announced with joy their motion for reconsideration against the One (1) month suspension of the LTFRB. As of writing, Uber operations are now back and operational.

    Senator Grace Poe also slammed the LTFRB for focusing on UBER about the suspension as the fault of Uber was not about the condition of cars, unlike Taxis, Bus and others.

    “In response to overwhelming rider and driver demand, we have filed a motion for reconsideration with the LTFRB. This means that Uber’s operations will continue until the motion is resolved. Consequently, we will be resuming serving Metro Manila and Cebu.

    Over the course of this morning, tens of thousands of riders were left stranded, causing needless inconvenience, while drivers were unable to access the earning opportunities they rely on. We are looking forward to urgently resolving this matter with LTFRB in the interests of everyone who depends on Uber every day.”


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