Last November 10, 2018, the Miss Possibilities pageant celebrated the talent and value for people special needs. On its 4th year run, Miss Possibilities was on its biggest production with more celebrities helping out the noble cause.

Miss Possibilities is an annual pageant that aims to show the world that people with special needs don’t need to be different. Showcasing talent, beauty and love the same way any other pageant does.

Liza Soberano with Joey Yuzon

Having a slogan of “Beauty Knows No Boundaries”, the organization strives to push the equality of people with special needs in the society. President of the Organization Miss Suzana Yuzon is the one that established the organization with her daughter “Joey” as inspiration.

Here is a quick rundown of what happened last Miss Possibilities 2018.

The Pageant showcased 12 ladies in a chance of being the forefront of advocacy for people with special needs. This year’s winner is

Samantha Pia Cabaniero won this year’s Miss Possibilities 2018, despite her Asperger’s syndrome she is capable of communicating in full thought. She aims to represent people with special needs to gain more awareness and equality in society.

Miss Possibilities is the 1st pageant for people with special needs in Asia. It aims to be an international pageant worldwide to spread more awareness, plus this is only one of the many movements of Miss Possibilities Organization.  Last year, the organization strive to end the use of the “R” word against people with special needs.

Next year will definitely be a bigger event for Miss Possibilities, we aim to continuously support this cause. If you want to be a volunteer for Miss Possibilities, you may do so in following and contacting their fan page here.