Valorant Ares – Stats, Skins, Buff & Nerf

This article shows the stats, skins, and the various buffs and nerfs of Valorant Ares.

Valorant Ares Description

Standard Valorant AresWeapon Type: Primary – Machine Gun
Cost: 1,600

The Ares is a low-cost Machine Gun that is a bit special as it starts with a low fire-rate that ramps up as you fire it longer. However, as with most automatic weapons, the Ares suffers from incredible recoil once it reaches its maximum rate of fire. To compensate for this, fire in bursts and make good use of the accurate first shots and the Ares’ innate high damage to score kills.

2-3 Round Bursts Is Recommended

Testing the Ares shows that the first 2-3 rounds exhibit little recoil, landing squarely on its target. However, it is highly recommended that you introduce a bit of pause after each bursts as continuously firing or having little to no pause will have the same recoil as that of firing it in full-auto. As a cue to start firing again, wait for the Ares to settle down after a burst.

Valorant Ares Stats – v1.08

The stats below are from the Valorant’s version 1.08. Changes thereafter will be reflected and written once a new update has arrived.

Weapon Description & Stats

Primary Fire Full-Auto Penetration High
Equip Speed 1.25 1st Shot Spread (Hip/ADS) 0.8 / 0.67
Reload Speed 3.25 Magazine 50 RDS

Damage To Parts Per Distance

Damage 0-30m 30-50m
Head 72 67
Body 30 28
Legs 25 23

Alternate Firing Mode Info

Alternate Fire
Aim Down Sights (ADS)
Zoom 1.15x
Fire Rate:
100% (10 rounds / sec)
Move Speed: 76% (3.899m / sec)
  • Slight spread and recoil reduction
  • Crosshair follows recoil

Weapon Unique Feature

Rate of fire increases over time

Buffs & Nerfs – v1.08

No changes from version 1.07.

Ares Available Skins

Standard Ares Skin
Standard Ares
Hivemind Skin
Hivemind Ares
Nebula Skin
Nebula Ares
Prism Skin
Prism Ares
Sakura Skin
Sakura Ares
Aristrocrat Skin
Aristrocrat Ares
Rush Skin
Rush Ares

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