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Toy collecting is a serious hobby that you shouldn’t be laughing about, some even collect toys out of love and they cost tons of money. An average Hot Toys 1/6 scale doll cost around one average salary of a fresh graduate here in the Philippines.

Here’s one, for example, take the Loki Hot Toys version in Thor The Dark World. This 1/6th scale collectible figure talks about pretty much everything these delight wonders.

Every Hot Toys has a special banner to tell the cast and involved parties. It’s a simple gratitude to all who worked hard in the very hard detail to the attention of each toy.

Opening the box gives you into this packaging, not much elegance but gives pristine protection for your hard-earned collection.

Opening Loki outside still has some wrap on the arms, legs, and head, which are the most important removable parts.

Now what makes Hot Toys is their level of detail, nothing is missed out. Even from the costume, eyes, to even accessories are all eccentric to the smallest details.

As you can see here, the arms, braces, clothes uses different materials and prints. Even the armor vest he is wearing is a layer we appreciate and wonder ourselves.

Now we understand how collectors want both about the movie and comics. A personal connection about the story they love, an eccentric detail that they can front to their home.

We changed the accessories, to the scene he got handcuffed in the movie. Disassembling the head, arm and foot were fairly easy. But overall, still delicate to the touch.

That’s why when handling toys like this, we highly recommend cleaning your hands to avoid oil or dust into the delicate fabric. In long periods, exposure to oil and air can make any degradation into details.

From a serious collector and our close friend, Carlo Ople of He also has some tips for collectors to avoid cost, trauma and getting too addicted.

1. Collect only the ones you like and don’t fall into the trap of buying entire lines. Crazy money sink.

2. Enjoy then by posting, taking photos, etc. Make the most because they don’t appreciate in value anyway. No point in treating them like China.

3. The boxes will take up a lot of space. You can store all the accessories in different zip pouches and just fold the boxes for easy storage.

4. They’re not dust resistant. Would be good to keep them in glass cabinets. To avoid them as well to other dangers like kids.

When it comes to buying these kinds of toys, you can also consider, a new local online store selling top collectibles. What they promote is are reasonably priced collectibles without the hassle of going to stores and negotiating to each one.

The main problem with collecting toys like this is that the price isn’t consistent. There isn’t a declared SRP thus sellers can have an advantage to buyers by overpricing, now this won’t be the case to avid collectors but 1st-time enthusiast may be.

Anotoys, is run by toy collectors themselves. Avid to the hobby, they want to provide easier access to collectors with less hassle. That’s why Anotoys doesn’t just sell Hot Toys but also other high-class collectibles.

Their pricing is quite reasonable, one good thing is that they are declared online so you have a reference just in case you check in other stores. They assure that delivery will be taken care of proper handling to give proper treatment to your purchase.

You can also choose purchases via C.O.D, Installment, or even bank transfers. Now, this is delightful, for toy collectors to have multiple options of payment for easier convenience. The interesting part of them all is that this extends collecting to far-flung areas which toy stores can’t reach. So this potentially unlocks the rich / collectors in rural areas.



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