Vype enters the PH with easier method of vaping with ePen

    Vaping is a growing category now in the Philippines, due to the tobacco industry in much pressure due to the upcoming law that inhibits public smoking and mandatory warnings. Though Vaping is long present in the Philippines, its complex machineries and accessories confuses a lot of interested people who wants to enter vaping. It can also be a method to transition from smoking to vaping and eventually quit.


    The Vype ePen is an all-in-one solution to vaping, it uses small e-Caps that are the liquid to be vaporized. All in a non-spill, convenient and small form factor device which is preferred more by discreet vapers. Technically to make it short, the ePen made vaping more simple and accessible to everyone. This is compared to complicated and bulky vape machines that needs dripping to be enjoyed.


    As you may know, some members of HungryGeeks do vape. That’s why we have tips for new vapers. You can check out that article to get some tips before vaping. The ePen is simple with a power switch and clickers for up and down to control the power of the vape.

    British American Tobacco, makers of Vape guarantees that the Vype ePen is safer and has a high level of standard as compared to black market vapes. Even their oils were presented as pure and safe as its made with utmost care in manufacturing.

    The Vype ePen is now available in the Philippines, currently exclusive in select 7-Eleven stores. The intro pack which includes the ePen and two ePen Caps costs Php1,199, while refill caps cost Php499 with 3pcs inside.

    Secondary Translite 25x15cm and Shelf Strip 49.8x9.1cm

    You can choose flavors from Blended Tobacco, Crisp Mint, and Fresh Apple which are encouraging flavors to try out. Just take note that the ePen intro package contains 18mg of nicotine while the refills have 12mg of nicotine for adaptation. Each pack can last 300-360 puffs depending on usage, so one pack of 499 will mostly give you a thousand puffs.

    That’s it for now, tell us what you think about the Vype ePen. For Php1,199 will it get you to Vaping?

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