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The Abandoned Oil Well is a remote location in Wasteland 3 found in the southeastern parts of the map. Continuing southeast, you will be prompted about strange noises coming from your area. From there, you can check around your immediate vicinity for the Abandoned Oil Well.


The Abandoned Oil Well can be accessed by heading east. Once you’re near the bridge heading to the southern parts of the map, you will receive a call from your radioman about some weird radio signals. Heading south of the bridge and a bit further east will bring you to the doorsteps of the Abandoned Oil Well.

Things To Do In The Abandoned Oil Well

Upon entering the Abandoned Oil Well, you will be greeted by a circle of people surrounding a red machine. When interacted with, these people do not reply or talk to you. Even changing your responses don’t work. Also, they eerily gaze at and follow your squad’s leader around the map.

The cutscene will trigger once you target a Juvvie or if you have them within the area of effect of any object. You can even attempt to heal them to trigger the event!

The only thing you can do here are: loot some items and attack them. Yes, the secret is once you attack them or target them, a cutscene will occur. With strange smoke emanating from somewhere, your squad falls unconscious. After waking up, you will find that the strange machine is gone together with the creepy people.

Exoskeleton Helmet & Creepy Doll

After waking up from that strange event, you can loot the middle part of the map for some goodies. The pile contains the Exoskeleton Helment, part of one of the best armor sets in the game. It also contains a Creepy Doll called Purist Patty which gives your team a +5% bonus damage against mutants like Drools.

Since you’re already nearby, you can head further southwest and check out the Massacre Site to get the PDW-01, the best SMG in the game.

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