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Note: The looping bug has been fixed as of Wasteland Patch 1.1.1.

The Union Station where you meet Fishlips in Wasteland 3 has finally been fixed as of Wasteland Patch 1.1.1. While completely ignoring the Union Station is possible, you’ll miss out on a possible companion, a really rad vehicle combat AI, and some good loot. So to keep you moving forward in the game, here are several methods that can get you over this segment:

Enemy turn never ends

Union Station is just southeast of Denver. While heading to that general direction, you’ll get a call from an individual called “Morningstar”. After getting the call, Union Station will be revealed on your map. Note that going here before Denver can be difficult as it will be likely that you will be overpowered by Fishlips and his gang.

It is highly recommended to save before you enter Union Station. Entering the place immediately locks you to a conversation that can lead to a fight that you might lose if you come in unprepared.

Make The Right Choice

Upon entering Union Station, you will be confronted by Fishlips, a cannibal that leads the group currently residing in the place. You will then be asked about the reasons why you’re there. While you can outright attack him, you can go with several options to progress forward.

Currently, the only way you can get Fishlips quickly is to attack him head on once you enter the gate. Other options like using your Kick-Ass skill then attacking will still get you in an unending loop. Other options allow you to pass through safely and position your troops. To summarize, here are the choices and their effects:

Concentrate On Attacking Fishlips To Win Him Over

Concentrate all your attacks on Fishlips. Reducing his health to 30% also removes the aggro of his gang.

Note that attacking Fishlips and reducing his health to 30% will make him join your team. This is regardless if you attack after the conversation or convince him to let you roam free then attack him afterwards. Also forcing him to give up removes the aggro of his gang, except those in the next area.

First Aid & Kick Ass options are safe. Both allow you to position and encircle Fishlips first before attacking him.

With the given the options, you can easily progress past this point by either choosing the Kick Ass and First Aid options as both allow you to reposition and attack. Going for the Hard Ass option does give you a reputation boost and a first-turn advantage. But do try to kill Fishlips in one turn as his team will very likely shred through yours due to their positioning. At any point, do not choose replies about your team leaving or begging as Fishlips will attack you with a first-turn advantage.

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