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I fondly remember WD’s Green line of HDDs being marketed as low-powered models with high capacity. They were the go to models when it comes to building an affordable PC without the hefty price tag attached to larger storages. Now, the company has announced that they will transfer the WD Green hard drive models into the WD Blue family of drives. The WD Blue family is known as the middle-ground between Green and the speedy Black. This move that is quite unsurprising since the lines between the two families are almost indistinguishable.

More of the Press Release below:

The company is simplifying the hard drive selection process for customers by streamlining its model families for mainstream PCs to only the WD Blue line.

All currently shipping WD Green models will remain available through their lifecycle, as they transition to the WD Blue label. WD Black models will remain in the PC drive family, yet designed for high-performance applications such as gaming and workstations and for those building high-end systems for creative professionals.

WD’s color-coded product portfolio enables customers to easily choose the right hard drive designed for their intended application. Its other colors include WD Red for network-attached storage (NAS) appliances and WD Purple for video surveillance systems. WD’s datacenter drives are identified with gold labels.

The new WD Blue model numbers inherit the same nomenclature as the prior WD Green generation products, but end with a ‘Z’ instead of an ‘X’ (example: WD60EZRX to WD60EZRZ).

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