We beat the rules of the bank with GCash Fund Transfer – 24/7 Transfer to any Bank

    Last holy week was the time when you have to crunch all of your billings, pay your bills and even transfer some funds for your upcoming long weekend trip. One annoying step we avoided was falling in line in the bank just for a deposit or withdrawal, fortunately, my banking ecosystem is now connected via GCash.

    We explained earlier about GCash Fund Transfer which you can transfer from bank to bank using GCash. Maximizing the GCash ecosystem via my bank accounts through my debit cards, BPI, and even Paypal.

    You’re lucky enough if you can transfer online via the banks and if you have the same bank. If not, you have to withdraw money via the ATM and even line up to the bank just to deposit.

    What’s nice about GCash Fund Transfer is that you can transfer to more than 30 banks in partnership with Instapay and even Paymaya. It’s anytime, anywhere and up to Php50,000 a day.

    No need for any enrollment for transfers, unlike other platforms that you need ATM confirmations. This is the magic that GCash Fund Transfer can provide.

    Ever since using GCash fund transfer last year, the only time I’ve been inside the bank was transferring money more than Php50,000 in value which is just once and its more for work.

    So if you are an individual who juggles between multiple accounts like BDO, BPI, Security Bank, for sure GCash can handle it. We encourage you to register to get an account now and pair your debit card, sync your BPI, and even pair your Paypal as even online earners can utilize GCash to do PayPal to Bank.

    One of the best things I like about GCash is the flexibility, my mother transferred her bank money to her GCash and gave it to mine. I was able to pay our bills and even transferred the remaining to another bank account for the savings. So, it’s now actually easier to manage multiple bank accounts especially if you want one dedicated for a specific purpose.

    With GCash Fund Transfer, the era of going to the bank just to deposit, pay a bill is a thing of the past.




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