We Saved Php60,218 at the Digital Walker Midyear Madness Sale! | News and Reviews

Every year, we look forward to the awesome midyear sale of Digital Walker. Providing crazy 90% off deals in their items has been a tradition for us, last 2016 Christmas sale we were able to get awesome Php55,000 savings!

This time, at the Santolan Town Plaza it’s now bigger and even heftier in items. Check out the best deals we got were our haul was worth 70k+ for only Php60,218!

Best Deals at Digital Walker Sale

Overall our haul was full of 90% items discount, we recommend checking out the Ye!! multiple port adapters as its useful of 6 USB port chargers for Php585. Also there are a lot of cases for iPhone 6,7,8, Galaxy S8, One Plus 5 & 6.

Here are some tips

Just remember that still ask yourself if you really need the item before buying, or else it might be another paperweight in your home. The sale is until June 16 at Santolan Town Plaza and doors open 10AM.

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