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Adrenaline Pumping


People should have this patented – A truck where a band could play endless rock music in a war! Keep that adrenaline pumping and kill the enemy boy!

I don’t really remember the first three Mad Max movies; but I do remember watching them when I was a kid. I kind of mixed Water World and this franchise though. Moving forward this movie was great, it had a lot of climatic scenes  where you might think it would be t he last scene. This led to a very adrenaline pumping-joy ride of a movie. It was too intense how they did everything – ie. Tom Hardy’s character is strapped in front of a war car while a Nicholas H0ult’s character uses him as a blood bag constantly drawing blood from Tom Hardy, while driving at around 140 to 180 kmph along the dessert sand with fire and big explosions everywhere; this was just a 15 minute segment of the first climactic part of the movie.

For the characters, let’s focused on 3 characters.

I’d pick Bane any time of the day Hardy!

Mad Max – Tom Hardy had a lot of successful roles. I specifically liked him on Inception and his Bane on The Dark Knight Rises. I didn’t liked him here. I am not critic or anything close to that, but I felt  that his portryal of this one is weak and lacked the specific identity of a Max Rockatansky. I imagined with all the ruckus and distraction going around Australia, Mad Max will not be as calm as Tom Hardy was. Sure he had moments of craziness, dreaming of his past, but it was calm-Tom almost 75% of the film. Painstakingly, he was trying to be that action hero where he looks great; dirty; walking straight out of explosions’ harms way; and getting chicks wet when he stares at them. He was not Mad, he was just plain Mad Handsome! Even in scenes of desperation, he never seemed to care if people around him died; he was just “this is the problem, let’s solve it by killing everyone”. I just wish Tom did more of a Bane-Mad Max than his This Means War’ character Tuck- Mad Max.

Fierce Furiosa!

Imperator Furiosa – Charlize Theron performance was outright brilliant for me. Imperator Furiosa is some badass chick with one hand; and some f*cked up past. She was dead on with the role; while she started being that fucked-up-chick-why-she-with-the-bad-guy kinda’ vibe; she went on to finish to become that sweet-chick-with-that-twisted-past-and-will-never-be-with-tom-hardy-type-off-gal-to-become-the-leader-of-the-free-world. And with a name of Imperator Furiosa, I was expecting hardcore Darth Vader tough, but in the end it was just beautiful Charlize Theron and her great acting.

Nic Hoult should stay doing Zombie Roles

Nux – Nicholas Hoult which you might not remember as beast from X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past; but you might remember him as R from Warm Bodies as he played the lover-zombie. Moving on, Nicholas Hoult was pretty much annoying. Nux, a War Boy who made Mad Max his Blood Bag, feel in love with one of his god’s wives, became a good guy, which in the end sacrificed himself to save everyone. I call him the underdog-hero. The thing I didn’t like with the character is the way he became intelligent; while the movie was playing. He started out as a war boy where he was a bit stupid, stuttering in his dialogues with others. But as he comes to join Mad Max and Furiosa on their journey, he started to think, he started to love, and started to care for the people around him. He became better looking, and you wouldn’t realize that your girlfriend finds him cute already and remembers him from that comedic-romantic zombie movie…


If it is still in theaters, get your butt up and go watch it. It is one of the best movies you could catch this month. Although with Tom Hardy’s sub-par performance, the movies still lives up to its Mad factor with other character  carrying the burden; especially the villains, who made the movie extra crazy with their make up and role.

The settings are amazingly beautiful with little to nothing left to put for it to become the perfect Australian dystopia.

Action-packed, adrenaline-pumping; you’ll be at the edge of you seat the whole time as the whole movie will drag you there. There is not one scene where you would not be excited as every scene will leave you gasping for air, every car chase is like finding yourself in a crazy fast and the furious movie with Tom Hardy as Paul Walker and Charlize Theron as Vin Diesel. I was quite disappointed though that they cut the gruesome death scenes of of majority of the characters, if find time to watch it; you would be probably be disappointed too.

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