The iPad Pro is going to be awesome! Wait… what?

Apple has just announced their disturbingly large iPad last night and it pretty much hits all the sweet spots. It resembled Microsoft’s Surface Pro and it looks like that is their main competitor. You can have smooth multi-tasking and a keyboard attachment together with a cool stylus, but there’s this annoying and disappointing homescreen.

Would Apple explain why they gave us a large screen made for doing multiple task and accompanied it with a boring and useless homescreen? Having this kind of layout in the iPhone is fine and acceptable because it’s much smaller and made for one handed-task, but on the iPad Pro they just wasted all those free space and missed to create a much more beautiful homescreen. Take a look at this photo from The Verge:



In Windows, the homescreen shows you multiple apps so you’ll find it easily even though it looks cluttered and messy. But at least they made efforts to maximize the large screen unlike the same layout found on smaller devices.

We just hope that Apple will have the guts to change their layouts on larger devices. We pretty much understand that they want to make every device look similar across all operating systems, but is it really that important?