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Last Saturday at Nuffnang’s #Blogopolis, we were wowed with various speakers talking about their inspirations, methodologies and perspectives about blogging. In all of their talks, they all highlighted that having the right equipment can be a key to successful career or stint in blogging. From quitting their job for full time blogging, to even blogs being praised by prestige companies like Google all were prestigious and all have their own means and ways on how they started.

So we have the fast cameras, the right application, a solid concept, good computers for editing photos and even attitude of having fun and our fiery passion. However; we’re kinda baffled when asked of about what postpaid plan will we get, since we have different lifestyles; after all, we four in Hungry Geeks aren’t just bloggers, so what is our perfect postpaid plan?

Read on below in some of the postpaid plan we think are suitable for our blogging lifestyle along with busy schedule.

Fortunately Globe’s new MyLifestyle plan all have unlimited calls and text for a base plan of Php499. So we just have to think of the perfect internet and boosters to complete the plan and worry less in contacting everyone.

1. Eason

Eason is a tech junkie where he’s always in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most of the time he likes watching youtube videos, light gaming on the phone and heavy listening on music. Besides that, he takes responsibility of Hungry Geeks in the tech section and helps out in the family business from time to time.

Eason’s Plan = Unlimited Calls & Text (Php499) + GoSurf 5GB (Php999) + Unlimited Globe Duo Landline (Php299) = Php1,797/month.


Winslow is a tech enthusiast with passion for action gears. He’s a business man and working as a business development manager for a technology website. He likes liking photos of everyone and handles various social media accounts for promoting his brands.
Winslow’s Plan = Unlimited Calls & Text (Php499) + GoSurf 3GB (Php799) + Chat Bundle (299) + Consumable (Php100) x 3 = Php1,897/month

3. PK

PK is a total gamer, he likes to try out the latest games on both his mobile phone and his PC desktop. He’s also a multimedia junkie with and a knack for anything and everything that let’s him tinker with his hands.

PK’s plan = Unlimited Calls & Text (Php499) + GoSurf 3GB (Php799) = Php1,298/month

4. Ritz

Ritz is a hardcore programmer and web designer. With skills above the average fresh graduate, he’s able to startup several sites in just a short period of time. He’s also artistic, picky in photographic and graphic details. What’s amazing is that, he can juggle all of his tasks while still able to watch all the latest movies and series AND play Dota 2with his fellow Hungry Geeks team.

Ritz’ Plan = Unlimited Calls & Text (Php499) + GoSurf 5GB (Php999) = Php1,498/month

The we choose our phones according to our plans, and here are our choices

Plan Device of Choice
Winslow Php1,897 LG G3 Stylus
Ritz Php1,498 LG L60 + LG G Pad
PK Php1,298 LG L60 + LG G Pad
Eason Php1,797 LG G3 Stylus

The options for devices are wide, but we all decided to go for the choices from LG as they were more for value for money. What’s great is that, we all picked a plan that is unique and suites our lifestyle. It might not be worthy for you perhaps, but to us its already good. But just in case you’re curious to make your own plan, check out Globe’s MyLifestyle plan and you might just have a perfect plan for you



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