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This Monday’s event may be Apple’s second biggest event this year (considering the iPhone 6s later Q4). We expect that Apple will finally unveil all the details that we need on the Apple Watch, as well as a new MacBook, and possibly an update to the iOS. Listed below are the things you should expect from Apple’s event this coming March 9.

Apple Watch

We know that the minimum price of the Apple Watch will be around 15,000PHP. But we don’t know how much higher will it go.

It’s safe to say that 15,000PHP will get us the Apple Watch Sport. With the aluminium body and rubber strap, these materials are clearly the cheapest. It is also possible that it will be bundled with multiple straps, but we are not yet sure how Apple is going to sell and market this. All the Apple Watch models are available in two different sizes.

We don’t know yet how much will the standard steel Apple Watch will cost, but rumor has it is that it may be price at around 23,000 PHP. This kind of pricing is too pricey but when you’re talking about Apple products, it’s a reasonable price.

Then there’s the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition. Many are speculating that the pricing would be playing at around 100,000 PHP to 200,000 PHP, depending on what kind of band they are paired with. Expect that it should be one of the most expensive product that Apple will sell.

Apple has already stated that their Apple Watch will begin shipping in April. So expect that they will announce it on the coming event.

Apple Watch Bands and Accessories

Personalizing the Apple Watch is going to be the main key point of Apple. As with most of the watches nowadays, swapping bands plays a major role for the consumer. Apple already showed off their bands during the introduction last year, but for the upcoming event, we will learn about which ones you’ll actually be able to buy.

Apple may also discuss on the accessories for the Apple Watch. You can expect that accessories are going to popup for the Apple Watch very soon.

Apple Watch Apps

Apple already showed a number of apps during last year’s event, but it will have a lot more to show this coming event. This time, expect a large number of third-party apps as developers had their coding tools for almost four months now.

As third-party apps for the Apple Watch roll out, expect that the App Store will soon have a change in their layout to accommodate these apps. It may not change soon as Apple Watch apps will all be running off iPhone apps, but eventually they will bring native apps to their watch.

12-inch MacBook Air

In a yearly basis, Apple is also expected to release a new MacBook, and this coming event seems to be the perfect time. As there is minimal changes on their laptop, they may just simple create a version of the Air that is lighter, smaller, and sharper display.

iOS 8.2

The Apple Watch can’t function without  connecting to an iPhone, so expect an update in the iOS also. Don’t expect too many changes except for the support on the Apple Watch, some bug fixes and tweaks on the Health app that we don’t really use.

Don’t get us started on the Apple Car. You can wait on the next decade for that.



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