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Here we go again. For five years straight, Apple has held a big event in September – for their next generation iPhones. This year is no different. Apple is pushing through with their annual event on Wednesday, September 9 in San Francisco and we’re expecting two new iPhones with additional announcements.

This year’s event will be jam-packed with new things. If the rumors are true, we may also be seeing the long-awaited refresh of the Apple TV, a totally larger and faster iPad, and also a new iPad Mini. Here’s the breakdown:

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

This is probably the most highlighted gadget that Apple will announce in the event: the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. In case you haven’t noticed, the “S” series will still maintain the same design like its previous sibling but with some huge performance boost. Rumors also that it will be thicker to give way to a tougher aluminum body similar to Apple Watch Sport to avoid the infamous #BendGate.

Apple will be giving the iPhone 6s it’s usual spec bumps. Rumors include the new A processor coupled with the most-awaited 2GB of RAM. For the camera, we’re expecting a 12-megapixel rear shooter rather than the usual 8-megapixel – this will not be a huge thing as Apple is moving away from the megapixel wars, it’s just so we can shoot 4k videos.

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Apple TV

In case you haven’t noticed, the latest Apple TV was updated three years ago and we think it’s about time that we have a new Apple TV (not that I’m rich enough to buy one). But Apple TV has done a good job in streaming movies and TV show to those who have one. But aside from those things, Apple hasn’t made any innovations or upgrade yet.

We could also expect an upgrade in the App Store to give way to the upcoming apps for the Apple TV. With this, you can now play games and do productive work using the Apple TV.

Rumors are saying that there’s a major update on the interface of the Apple TV similar to the current design of the OSX El Capitan. Maybe they’ll integrate Siri so you can talk to your TV instead of typing in the name of the movie that you want to watch.

iPad Pro

Word has been going around that Apple is making a larger and stronger iPad and we may get to see the unveiling of it this September 9. Although if we don’t get to witness the announcement this Wednesday, fear not as Apple is going to have another event before the year ends.

The name iPad Pro is not yet official, but the “Pro” fits with Apple’s current naming schemes so there’s a huge chance that it will be.

The iPad Pro is expected to include a 12.9-inch display, a little bit larger than the 12-inch display and smaller than the 13.3 inch of the MacBook Air. This is going to be unusually big. This may be because that it will be tablet with huge spec boost. But we don’t think that a 12.9-inch tablet is good.

Rumors are also going around that it sport a stylus. A first in the history of Apple devices.

iPad Mini 4

If Apple is generous enough, we may get to see two new iPads this coming event – it’s the new iPad Mini. Last year, there weren’t so much upgrade on the Mini because of the new iPad Air.

We are expecting that it will be thinner and more portable than ever and some improvement in the internal hardware matching the iPad Air.

iOS 9

Alongside with the new iPhones, the company will also officially release their latest iOS 9 to couple with the new device. We already know what are its features because they already explained it in their event a couple of months ago. Expect it to be available for download as soon as the event ends.

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Is this enough to bring Apple to the top spot again? Let us know in the comments section below!



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