What Volleyball Standout Players do at home? – Hungry Geeks

Alyssa Valdez, Jaja and Dindin Santiago, Rachel Daquis, Ara Galang, Mika Reyes, John Vic De Guzman and Peter Torres are all top-notch, Filipino bred players. We often times only see them on the court, but what we don’t see is how they are at home.

  1. Shakey’s V-League 2015 MVP Alyssa Valdez retains a very close relationship with her three brothers. Where when not on a court practicing and honing her skills, is at home watching movie marathons.
  2. Dindin Santiago, now married, keeps a strong relationship with her younger sister, Jaja, by chit chatting online and gets update on how their family is doing through social media.
  3. The sexy, former MVP Rachel Daquis keeps a close connection with their family of seven with the power of social media and is dedicated to be an ideal role model for her two younger siblings, niece and nephew. Maybe by giving advice in growing up.
  4. UAAP MVP Ara Galang, being a movie junkie, spends most of her free time with movie nights with the rest of the household.
  5. Mika Reyes, an admitted home girl, spends most of her free time at home taking care of her younger siblings while catching up with her relatives through the many forms of social media.
  6. A protective brother, John Vic De Guzman uses the internet to monitor his four younger siblings. Yikes!
  7. Peter Torres loves singing. Karaoke nights are his best bet when at home making time with his mom and siblings.

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