Why do you need a Roku TVolution? Is it just another device? | News and Reviews

If you have a good internet connection at home, there is a good chance you do Youtube, Netflix, iFlix or other streaming based services. But the problem is that it clashes with your home TV with cable channels, and it’s hard to share what you want to watch as the TV is exclusive for the cable connection.

That’s why PLDT partnered with Roku to consolidate all of their content streaming partners. This device is a small portable box that acts similar to a Google Home, Apple TV or even Amazon Echo.

What’s good about the Roku is that all current content and future content partners of PLDT can be easily integrated into the device. For Php199 a month on top of your contract, you can now have all your content accounts for Netflix, Youtube, iFlix and even Cignal in just one device and with a proper display which is your TV.

Of course, you will have to pay for your subscriptions separately but PLDT offers a more competitive price offering when you avail the Roku device. You get a built-in iFlix access and trial of Cignal Plan 1590, then you can get discounted subscriptions for Netflix, iFlix and even Cignal.

Just take note that the Cignal TV will now be streamed via the internet, so it’s much cheaper and kinda reliable if you have Fiber connection as compared to wireless. But unfortunately, even us can’t get a unit its sold out and we were told that replenishment will be by July 2017.

So if you are serious about organizing your streaming life, especially for everyone at home…then we suggest you get a Roku TVoluition as it even has Cignal for all cable channels available and possibly more streaming partners like Fox+?

Also, check if you have Fiber internet at home.

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