Why I would buy the iPhone SE – Hungry Geeks

Yesterday, Apple announced the 4-inch iPhone SE, which justified our rumor to be true that it packs the 6S’ specs in a 5S’ form factor. But something caught us by surprise — its incredibly low pricing point. With that in mind, people are most likely to buy this already if they have an iPhone 5S or below.

The price starts with $399. It’s the cheapest launch price for any iPhone model and it even beats the iPhone 5C (started at $549) which is cheap because its specifications is a year old like the iPhone 5. Note that the iPhone SE’s tagline is “Let us loop you in” because Apple wants to chase a greater market share by lowering the prices but also maintaining the specifications high.

Do you know why the iPhone SE is very cheap yet so powerful and packed with the flagship specs? Yes, it’s cheaper because it’s small; it doesn’t have anything new on the outside and they probably recycled some materials from the manufacturing companies when they made the iPhone 5S. But it also doesn’t carry the latest industrial design and it’s very distinct from the flagship. Simply note this: Why would you pay more if it’s still the same phone on the outside and there’s nothing new?

Plus, there’s no 4-inch Android handset that can rival the iPhone SE’s capabilities. There’s a reason why Steve Jobs’ said that the iPhone 4S has the perfect size for one-handed use and it really is. A lot of people are missing the times when they were using their smartphones easily, no need for two hands. And Apple has done it. They listened to their customers.

The iPhone SE has the latest processor and Apple’s best camera all crammed into one tiny body that we truly missed. And I am one of those customers. I didn’t really get why smartphone companies have that “Bigger is Better” kind of mindset. Heck, even Tim Cook stated “Many, many customers have asked for this, And I think they’re going to love it”. The iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest phone but it was the most important.



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