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There are so many good reasons to shop online. Many people browse through popular eCommerce sites and even review sites/blogs to research the things they are planning to buy. But there are still people who are still iffy and are feeling unsafe with online shopping, so here are the top reasons why you should try it now:


Online shopping is always convenient. You won’t need to get ready and commute to the mall or store. With Shopee, you’ll just have to install the app, find the product that you want to buy, even be informed if there are discounts on the item. It’s also convenient that you can open the app anytime, which means you can shop from the comforts of your home.

Much cheaper

Online stores tend to lower their prices to compete with the existing physical store. The reason why they lower the prices is because people search for items online to find cheaper items. Just like Shopee you can even filter the price range of the items you’re planning to buy.

If you’re one of the sellers, you can even go on a bigger sale and still get the payments in full when you use Shopee. This is because Shopee shoulders the discount itself, buyers get to have a great deal while sellers can still enjoy their earning. It’s a great platform for buyers and even sellers.

So many items to choose from

In online shopping, stores can hold many items; even second hand ones if you’re looking for cheaper prices. Shopping online allows you to have the freedom that you won’t get in a physical store. Sometimes, you can also contact and negotiate with the seller through the Live Chat feature. You can even ask about additional details on the product.

Also, if you really don’t have an idea and you just want to do “window-shopping”, going through the Shopee app would be very convenient and would give you more items to choose from with just a swipe.

No pressure at all

If you ever tried to buy a gadget in a physical store, you’ve probably had that long and convincing “sales talk”. Sales people will do anything to entice you to buy the item you’re just scouting for and they won’t stop talking even if you’re not interested. So annoying. Well, online stores can’t do that so you’ll feel no pressure at all.


But do take note that security can be a major flaw in online shopping. If you want to shop safely, you should try Shopee. It has a feature that after placing your order and going through the payment, the app will hold onto your cash first until you have received and verified the purchased item. Plus, there’s also a live chat feature wherein you can message the seller in case you have any inquiries about the status of your purchase.


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