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After a while decade, Facebook is still one of the most used websites in the internet but why does it still look 10 years old? Many web designers are criticizing Facebook asking “Why is the design of Facebook’s desktop site so bad?”

So I went and explored how designers use their Facebook and found that they use a Google Chrome app called “Facebook Flat” to give Facebook a whole new facelift. These are the reasons why you should use it too:

It’s Better. Period.

You may not believe it but installing the extensions gives faster loading time than the default design. Combine it with its ease in adjusting for different screen sizes, makes it pleasing to the eye.

The flat design can reduce complications of Facebook, making it more easier to understand. With a website like Facebook, there are a lot of things happening on the screen, so going to a flat design makes a wise choice for organizing the content that it won’t look like its overwhelming.

It hides the things that you don’t need

One of the key things in designing a website is that the ones that you forget are there. Like an invisible hand, they guide the user in completing their goals as easily as possible. The user experience is made for the user to solve their problems. With minimal distractions, the user is free to concentrate on the task at hand.

They fixed that annoying sidebar

One of the most confusing elements of Facebook has always been the left sidebar menu. For some unknown and weird reason, the elements are listed so incomprehensibly. Even back when Facebook started in 2004, the design was always hard to understand.

The original design was actually an improvement from the current one though they didn’t put any effort on it. In order to manage Facebook’s current load, Flat made a more efficient label system.

The original design was actually an improvement on the current one, though they didn’t have as much to worry about. In order the manage the current Facebook’s content load, I needed a more efficient label system. Facebook Flat’s labels are logical, self-evident, and consistent.

More Whitespace!

Often misunderstood, white space impacts the visuals of a site just as much as the color and typography. And because white space improves comprehension, it was the perfect element for a site like Facebook that is currently suffering for over delivery of information.

By increasing the white space around every element (menus, buttons, posts) – the content looks more scannable and legible, easier to understand.

So why don’t you try Facebook Flat now? You can download it here.



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