Wild and funny status on Waze about the ASEAN EDSA carmagedon

    One app to help shorten your traffic travel is Waze and it does it with information gathering with other users if the road is slow and you can even report accidents, police officers or mishaps on the road.

    Photo of CNN Philippines

    Recently with the road closure of 2 lanes dedicated for ASEAN delegates, it left EDSA crawling down to 2-3 lanes for the public including private and public vehicles. This resulted in a Carmageddon last 11.11.17 which is also the day for most e-commerce sites to deliver ASAP their shipments to customers.

    If you are part of ASEAN, you can get to South CCP complex area in less than 30 minutes from North Edsa. Now that’s fast indeed.

    Photo from http://blogwatch.tv

    Personally I was stuck for 30 mins along Bonni Serrano Ave and just moved around 300 meters. It was chaotic and I just headed back and wasted another hour going home.

    Looking at Waze for a hope of a shorter route, we found ourselves another source of entertainment to kill traffic. With a lot of people almost standstill, they vent out online and shared their take on this chaotic moment. Check out what some have to say

    Hugot moments

    Kuya has a lot of guts to confess online, perhaps your crush is reading this.

    Progress Indeed

    Kuya already feels change caused by the ASEAN (Pun intended)

    Give a round of applause

    Clap, Clap, Clap!


    I want the road to myself

    Kuya is the fairest of them all, that’s why he wants all others to go home.

    Scream it out (Warning Profanity)

    We hear you kuya, we hear you. Just let it all out.

    Grab / Uber Drivers aren’t happy

    Probably a TNVS driver saying his day is already bad cause of the traffic.


    How about you? Got some status to share? Perhaps you also saw some worth sharing, go ahead and just comment down below 🙂



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