Will closing apps save my smartphone battery? – Hungry Geeks

Our friends keep telling us to close down apps in order to save battery — but is this really true? Is there a logical explanation?

There are already a number of questions of the same manner found in the Apple support page and we found the answer from the big Apple themselves. And the answer is…


Developers and executives at Apple and their support page said that you should avoid force-quitting apps and should only do the process when the user is having problems or issues on a particular app like freezing and failing to load properly.

So if I’m not closing the app, why wouldn’t it use my smartphone battery?

Basically, most apps that you are not using but is in the multitasking bar are either frozen in RAM or not actually running even though you are being told that it is open. With this, your smartphone just wants to display them as history so you won’t have to find it in your app drawer anymore. Simply put — your smartphone just displays your recent apps and is not using them.

But don’t get us wrong. There are some apps that do use battery on the background like Waze and Google Maps’s GPS Navigation and Shazam’s microphone. So those are the apps that you actually have to look into if you want to save your battery.

So to conclude (if you haven’t read the article and you want a straight answer), force-quitting applications on your smartphone will not actually save your battery life.



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