Win a Vivo V7+ by taking on the Ultimate Selfie Challenge! | News and Reviews

Fancy a new Vivo V7+? Well, you now have a chance to win one by entering the Ultimate Selfie Challenge. Put the Vivo V7+’s 24MP front facing camera with three levels of difficulty.

Level 1 requires you to take the most basic of selfies. Capture your real self by taking a pose and taking a selfie of yourself. Up the ante with Level 2 by asking 2 random strangers to take a groufie with you, while level 3 takes on the difficulty into another tier by mimicking a selfie that appears on the V7+’s FullView display within 7 minutes. You can check out Vivo’s video on Facebook for more information.

All challengers that will clear all three levels will win a brand new Vivo V7+! So visit the Vivo booth in UP Town Center and get yourselfie!

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