Wireless RF Remote Control for Linear Actuators

    An actuator is an electromechanical unit complemented with an engine direct or alternative current, a gear unit, screws, and a retractable working rod. Actuator serves for the automation of linear motion whether it is pushing, pulling or even carrying of various loads, mechanisms, etc.

    To increase the efficiency of linear actuators and improve the benefits of linear motion automation technology was invented the linear actuator control system capable to manipulate the whole process of linear actuator’s work and provide customers with functionality of controlling linear actuators from a distance. For example, the SKU: PDL-01 foot pedal manufactured by one of the world automation leaders Progressive Automations allows its users to control electric linear actuators remotely only for a price of $50. This type of remote control is hands-free pedal created for parallel control. This actuator pedal is fully waterproof and has the direct plug to be connected with Progressive Automations PA-20 control box. Nevertheless, any control box can be used along with this actuator pedal, however, additional relays implementation might be required. This remote control pedal has the bidirectional (Up & Down functionality of switch operations), a flexible helix cable. Its dimensions allow using this technology widely almost everywhere: length – 5.91 inches, height – 2.56 inches, width – 3.54 inches. Furthermore, with its IP54 protection class and the 18-months warranty supplied for each product unit this foot remote pedal for electric linear actuator becomes one of the best choices among remote control options at the global market. 

    Another example of more advanced foot remote control pedal is Progressive Automations’ SKU: DL-03 costing $75 for one unit. This particular model of electric actuator foot remote is capable to control up to two linear actuators simultaneously. The actuator pedal has UP and DOWN positions and is applicable to connect it with a PA-22 control box model also manufactured by Progressive Automations. It has 2 bidirectional (up & down functionality) switch operations. The dimensions of the unit are as follows: length – 7.09 inches, height –  2.56 inches, width – 5.90 inches. This unit is supplied with IP54 protection class and the 18-months warranty which makes this automation mechanism one of the most affordable linear actuator automation technologies with multifunctional use. 

    These wireless remote controllers for linear actuators allow using only that technical functionality of actuators which is important for the particular type of work. Their implementation introduces linear actuator users a chance to manipulate by the work of linear actuators they use whatever actuator’s purposes and the environment they work are. In various conditions, the implementation of foot remote control systems simplifies the working process and introduces the vitally important functionality so important at semi-automated factories, assembly lines, and plants where incidents are common and likely to happen thing. That is why the remote control system is an extremely important technological solution in cases when rapid and full stop of actuator technologies is needed. 

    Situations like the malfunctioning of old parts, technical failures, and simply odd accidents happen regularly. So making your actuator technologies stop at a time of button press is always a good opportunity to avoid bigger mistakes and sad accidents with the participation of people who might suffer from the error which could have been foreseen and predicted. Immediate electric linear actuator full stop provides a convenient chance to eliminate any kind of malfunctioning and provide timely repair and technical service. 

    Remember, wireless remote control systems, in particular, foot remotes are capable to complement almost any linear actuator with the functionality always important. Be sure, you won’t regret installing foot remotes along with your actuator solutions.

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