Xbox Series S Announced With US$299 Price Tag | News and Reviews

(UPDATED) Microsoft has just unveiled their smallest console, the Xbox Series S via an official Twitter post also announcing the launch day being November 10. This new console is a smaller and compact version of the already announced Xbox Series X. The size reduction is due to the removal of a disc tray for physical media.

Xbox Series S? All-digital next-gen console ? Faster load times? Higher frame rates? Richer, more dynamic worlds? Next generation gaming performance

? In our smallest Xbox ever#PowerYourDreams

— Xbox (@Xbox) September 8, 2020

Despite the smaller size, the Xbox Series S promises next-gen performance on par with its larger sibling. This new gaming console promises several things that it is capable of doing:

Xbox Series S For Only US$299

Probably the biggest news is that users can enjoy next-gen performance with just US$ 299 or approximately PhP 15,000. Note that the price may not be the same here in the Philippines as you also have to consider taxes and importation fees. However, even with this considered, this extensively opens up the market to most gamers especially during the current global economic slump due to the corona virus.

Removing the disk tray is not a new move for Microsoft as they have done the same with their previous offerings. In current-gen consoles, they have a more affordable version with a digital-only Xbox One.

Availability In The Philippines

It is yet unconfirmed if the console itself will have a weaker hardware than the main flagship Xbox Series X. Release date of the console and official pricing here in the Philippines is also still unconfirmed.

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