Ha! I guess it’s high-time we dust off our trusty PS Vita and place it back where it belongs — between our hands. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the tactical RPG known for its difficulty and heart-crushing surprises, just launched for the Sony PS Vita. And it did so without a bang.


Visiting Sony’s PS Store gives us a glimpse of the product together with its price (approx. PHP 960). You can visit the store page, here.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released last 2012 and it took the the industry by storm, filling in the unsatisfied hole within fans of the tactical genre. With its graphics, storyline, and satisfying gameplay, it comes to no ones surprise that people get addicted to it. Having it on the go may make you one anti-social human.

We just hope that it would soon be followed by its content-filled expansion, Enemy Within.