XTREME is offering a ton of affordable options for Smart TVs

    While Smart TVs were plenty expensive back in the day, they have been becoming more palatable to the wallet every year. Nowadays, you can even find a Smart TV for under PhP 10,000 thanks to brands like XTREME. Here’s why you want to get a Smart TV as an upgrade for your living room.

    More content available compared to the cable providers

    While most cable providers offer a ton of channels already, Smart TVs let you connect to the Internet easily to consume more content. XTREME Smart TVs come pre-installed with beloved media apps such as Netflix and YouTube so you can search more movies and videos to your heart’s content.

    In addition to the usual range of apps that you see in Smart TVs, XTREME is offering an application store via Zeasn. Zeasn provides you with even more shows and movies to watch by yourself or with loved ones.

    Better video and audio

    There’s nothing better than fully immersing yourself in the moment while watching your favorite movie or show. Better picture quality allows content such as movies, shows, documentaries, and sporting events with more vivid and vibrant colors for a close to real-life experience.

    XTREME currently has a range of TVs that will fit your budget from FullHD TVs to 4K UHD giants. A high pixel count offer a better experience for a cinematic experience within your living room.

    Of course, video is only half the equation. Good audio will vastly improve your viewing experience. XTREME’s S-series Smart TVs come with built-in soundbars that contribute to a good listening experience.

    Slim bezels for a “barely there” feel

    Time has long past for TVs with a large footprint in the living room. Thin bezels make TVs to be aesthetic pleasing as well as space-saving. XTREME’s range of Smart TVs come with thin bezels to maximize the viewing area that imparts an immersive viewing experience.

    XTREME has tons of Smart TVs fit for your budget

    XTREME is offering their V series and S series Smart TVs to everyone to combine the best quality TV and best price you can get. The XTREME V series is available in 32-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch, and 55-inch models that come with Smart Key, WiFi, Smart Source, Dual Remote, Enjoy Music Feature, Digital TV, Wireless Display, Netfix, YouTube, and Linux with Unique UI.

    The XTREME series, on the other hand, come in 32-inch, 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch variants that are WiFi ready and come with a built-in soundbar, Smart Source, Enjoy Music, Digital TV, Wireless Display, Netflix and YouTube, Linux with Unique UI, and the Zeasn app store.

    You can find XTREME and their Smart TV offerings in more than 1,500 stores nationwide. You can also check out their products at their official website or through their Facebook page.


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